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A little bit about me

My name is John Radcliffe and I've lived in Aberystwyth for 30 years, I am a Vegan and a member of the Aberystwyth Invictus Lions Club

I have two Children and three Grand children.

 I have been fixing and building Computers for 22  years..

Technology is advancing so fast it's a challenge to keep up to date and it's even more of a challenge to keep our computers running at there best.

More and more of us are becoming better and more able to deal with a lot of common problems but sometimes we need a little help, if you need assistance go to my "Contact me" page and give me a call. In most cases I can visit you at your home or business the same day.

Apart from fixing computer problems I also build, install, network and can replace most  laptop screens , hard drives and keyboards  I endeavor at all times to use simple language, not computer jargon.

If you think you may need a little tuition wether a one off or regular then I can definitely help.

Of course I don't know everything but it's very rare that I do not succeed in solving a problem.

My rates are very reasonable and I will provide quotes at all times.

Happy computing and remember you can't physically destroy a computer unless you throw it through a window or hit it with a hammer!!


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